Personality Principle01

The principle of personalization refers to the concept designed by enterprises that must enable them to have unique characteristics in their industry.

Principle Of Socialization02

Although the concept must be personalized, it must be recognized by society. Therefore, the development and design of concepts must be in line with the values, ethics, and aesthetic values of the public and consumers, in order to gain recognition from the public and gain high visibility and reputation.


The corporate philosophy is a high level summary of the company's values, which must be concise in wording, rich in connotation, and easy to remember and understand. A concise, clear, and innovative corporate philosophy will be more deeply ingrained in people's hearts.

Humanistic Principle04

The people-oriented principle is centered around people. Enterprises must apply concepts as a management tool, and the fundamental purpose of developing and establishing enterprise concepts is to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. A scientific enterprise concept and its effective implementation will make all employees respected and trusted, and create a good atmosphere and environment for the enterprise.

Market Principles05

The corporate philosophy must reflect customer needs and competitive requirements. For enterprises, philosophy is a tool to guide their business activities, which are both a process of meeting customer needs and a process of competing with peers. Therefore, the corporate philosophy must contribute to this process.