The objectives and principles of Ouyi's human resources strategy:Cultivate high-quality strategic resources, compete for talent, and make the most of everyone's talents.

Ouyi strongly recognizes that:Human resources are an important resource in the strategic resources of enterprises. To maintain its enduring success, Ouyi must cultivate a high-quality and loyal team of employees who implement Ouyi's development strategy and achieve Ouyi's development goals.

The talent cultivation principle of Ouyi's human resources strategy: combining personal goals with corporate goals

Ouyi respects every employee and strongly encourages them to develop personal career plans (personal development plans), guiding them to combine personal development goals with corporate development goals. In the thriving and thriving Ouyi enterprise, employees' talents are fully utilized, personal ideals are well realized, personal abilities are continuously improved, and personal thinking and sentiment are continuously elevated. Establish a team of patriotic, law-abiding, dedicated, and skilled employees.

The Team Building Principle of Ouyi Human Resources Strategy: Full Staff Human Resources Management

Human resources are an important strategic resource for Ouyi, and the quality of human resources depends on the quality of every Ouyi employee. Therefore, it is necessary to build the four teams of enterprises: a team of corporate CEOs with strategic vision, capable of controlling the overall situation, leading the enterprise, a team of technical personnel with active thinking, strong foundation, innovative concepts, constantly tracking cutting-edge technology, and being able to grasp and continuously enrich the core technology of the enterprise, a team of enterprise technical workers and general workers who are eager to learn, work deeply and diligently, and a team of dedicated and dedicated workers A team of management personnel skilled in applying modern business management methods.

The principle of selecting and appointing personnel for Ouyi's human resources strategy is to have both moral integrity and talent, and to conduct competitive selection

Ouyi prioritizes "virtue" in talent selection, and requires Ouyi's talents to first love their country, work, and be willing to contribute their talents to Ouyi's cause for the long term; In terms of talent utilization, on the one hand, a competitive employment system should be established, gradually achieving the majority of production, research and development, marketing, administrative, and management positions to be selected through open competition, with equal opportunities for everyone; On the other hand, it is necessary to establish a combination of regular and irregular assessment systems to evaluate all on-the-job employees, ensuring that those who are capable are promoted, those who are suitable are retained, those who are mediocre are demoted, and those who are inferior are eliminated.

The training principle of Ouyi's human resources strategy: combining lifelong continuing education with academic education

Training is one of the important links in cultivating a high-quality workforce. Adhere to lifelong education for all employees to help them continuously update their knowledge and improve their quality level. At the same time, establish a part-time academic education system, requiring all employees to continuously improve their academic level on the existing basis.