Customer satisfaction, dedication and sincerity

Ouyi is willing to use our products with our fast response, enthusiastic consultation, and sincere, meticulous, and thoughtful excellent service, so that users can not only be satisfied with our product performance, manufacturing excellence, but also sincere service while using our products with confidence.

In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and avoid any worries, Zhejiang Ouyi Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ouyi") makes the following Ouyi product standard warranty service commitment to you and provides you with it when you need it:

1. Our company strictly selects the best solution in accordance with national standards, contracts, and technical specifications, and comprehensively tracks, monitors, and inspects the quality of the products produced by the company to ensure product quality.

2. Establish a user service technical file (relevant information is entered into the product database and user database) for after-sales tracking services. Our company selects the best technical solutions and equipment according to customer requirements, ensuring reliable quality, excellent performance, reasonable prices, and meeting customer requirements.

3. All products sold by our company are provided to users with product user manuals, product certificates of conformity, accessory boxes, and relevant technical parameter materials, and free training is provided for user operators, with no limit on time or number of people.

4. Service Support System: In addition to seeking the warranty services promised in this document from the Ouyi certification service agency, you can also contact the following service support systems of Ouyi to obtain the service information provided by Ouyi for you:

Ouyi Sales Service Hotline

Ouyi Technical Support Hotline

Ouyi website

Email support