Our eternal pursuit and internal driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. Through persistent and arduous efforts, led by technological research and development, processing and manufacturing, in the field of bearing manufacturing, relying on technology, products, and services, we continuously meet customer needs and improve product quality.


Serious and responsible, and effective employee productivity are the wealth of Ouyi. Being able to both be a person and do things is Ouyi's employment standard; Being honest and doing things according to rules and regulations is a basic requirement of Ouyi for its employees.


Being meticulous and realistic is Ouyi's work style. Horizontal emphasis on standardization and vertical emphasis on depth are our basic requirements for management work.


Ouyi is both a company and a cause. We not only need to treat Ouyi as a business, but also as a career. We must remember that Ouyi is a platform for us to realize our life value.


Ouyi takes technology research and development, processing and manufacturing of bearings as its leading industry, extensively absorbing the latest research results in the field of world bearing manufacturing, humbly learning from excellent domestic and foreign enterprises, and developing a leading core technology system through independent introduction and various forms of cooperation on the basis of independence, striving to become a leading enterprise in China and even the world.

R and D06

Ouyi is market-oriented and continuously absorbs and innovates front-end technology in the industry, pursuing a perfect combination of technology and quality.


Quality is our pride. Excellent products, reliable quality, and superior service are our qualifications to participate in market competition. Relaxing quality means abandoning the market, relaxing quality means abandoning competition, and relaxing quality means abandoning our basic right to survival.


At Ouyi, training is the greatest benefit for employees in a company. Our fundamental goal is to turn the enterprise into a school, and achieve the learning and work-based learning of enterprise employees.


Ouyi is a big family, and the goal of enterprise development is the personal pursuit of employees. Between superiors and subordinates, employees should respect, care for, help each other, promote each other, and develop together.